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ProDesign Process

We follow proven logo design process to find the best designs for your business.

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We provide a complete set of layouts and file types for web and print usage.
What if you could increase your sales with a
trust-worthy and professional logo?
Your poorly designed logo is negatively affecting how your customers perceive your company. Your logo is the "face" of your company and proper care should be put into the design process to create a professional logo that communicates credibility to your target audience. If you could increase your sales by 1%, wouldn’t that be worth it?
Your customers make gut decisions that are not always right, and brand image plays a role in that decision process. Your poorly designed logo and branding is presenting your company as second-rate choice, and customers often choose the business that is the "best" and the one they trust the most, and usually that is the brand that looks most polished. When your branding looks good it conveys that you are a successful and credible business.
If your logo does not match with what people perceive as a successful and trust-worthy company, then they will get the wrong impression and decide it is too risky to choose you. Your logo is just one aspect of your branding, but it's the most visible and memorable part, so it's important that you invest in a professional logo design process to convey credibility.
We follow a comprehensive 2-3 week design process to find the best logo designs for your business to increase your brand equity and convey credibility to your customers.
"Chris was 100% dedicated to the project and met all deadlines, and was really thorough with his research and thought process. If you want something unique for your company, but don't know what that is, I recommend hiring Chris."
David B., Allegiance Telecom Solutions
"Chris is one of those rare examples of talent coupled with an outstanding work ethic and the ability to execute."
C.J. C, Founder of Syntorg
"Chris always gave us his honest opinion of our design ideas and steered us in the right direction when needed."
Glenn L., CEO of TDLI
"Chris has a very thoughtful process to developing a logo."
Katrina B., Co-Founder of Zuna
"Very knowledgeable and professional."
Dan N., DN Medical
"Chris balanced his own opinion of what the logo might best look like creatively with the views of our agency, providing a valuable opinion in the creative process."
Michelle R., Turlock Groundwater
"The benefits Chris can provide your brand are worth every penny."
Hunter A., AdapterCo
"Chris is extremely talented."
Nick B., VentureBC
"Very professional in design and communication."
Yiran B., American Institute for Education & Research
"Chris did an outstanding job meeting a quick timeline for a complex logo project. His expert guidance on the logo development process kept us on task and focused. The final result turned out great!"
Clay C., Vestra Optics
"Chris did a great job of providing a high quality logo that matched our brands identity."
JesseS., Tycoon
"High quality work."
Adam H., Smart Demand
"They exceeded my expectations."
Paul A., Ambrose Marine Construction
"Chris is a very talented designer who created a great logo for my business."
Lee D., Awijet
"Very knowledgeable."
Andrew B., Gray Cloud Performance
"The real deal."
Jason W., Ride Free TV
"Chris has done an incredible job, not only showing exceptional attention to detail but also in his ability to provide guidance and consultation in logo design."
Brett E., Whitechain SEO
""Chris did an excellent job working on our corporate identity."
Raphael A., Webgroup
"Chris goes above and beyond expectations."
Roberto R., PRAB
"I work with designers all day and Chris is one of the rare ones that wants to understand your vision."
Tony A., CixxFive
"Great work quality and professionalism."
Audrey B., Tamam Life Co
"Super creative!"
Karlie M., Luxton Real Estate
"I could not be happier with the work that Chris provided for our nonprofit youth sports organization! On his first draft, he literally came through with a concept that was loved by our entire board of directors."
Darrenn A., Tiger Youth Basketball Organization
"The final package of files Chris sent me was amazing, all labeled and organized making it very easy for me to create a presentation."
Zachariah G., President of MCAT
"Chris over-delivered at every stage both by communicating, setting expectations, and exceeding all his commitments."
Roberto M., CEO of Pinecap Holdings
"Chris was a pleasure to work with and I love the result."
David A., CEO and Founder of Jumpspark
"Chris nailed our logo redesign on the first draft."
Mark T., Core Pest & Termite
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30 second examples of our logo design process:

What's included:

Master & Vector Files
Print & Web Files
JPG, PNG, Transparent PNG
Layout Variations
Horizontal, Vertical, Symbol Only
Color Variations
Transparent, B&W, inverted
Use your logo however you want
1-Page Logo Style Guide
Colors, Fonts, Layouts
We will save you thousands of dollars.

While we cost more than overseas designers who will work for $3 an hour, we provide a better long-term investment for your brand. We save you money by getting your logo done right the first time by following a proven and comprehensive design process. We will always provide expert advice with your best interest put first. If you value quality and want the best for your business, then we'd love to talk.

Chris Mayernik, CEO


Logo Fix Up
Modernize your current logo
Logo Concepts
Production Time
10-14 days
Vector Files
Print & Web Files
Logo Cheatsheet
Get Started
Get a brand new logo
Logo Concepts
Production Time
14-18 days
Vector Files
Print & Web Files
Logo Cheatsheet
Get Started
Branding Package
Everything you need to get started
Logo Concepts
Production Time
1 Month
Vector Files
Print & Web Files
Brand Guide ( 12 Pages )
Logo Cheatsheet
Brand Strategy Session
Business Card
Social Media Layouts
One-Sheet ( Front & Back )
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Add-On Products

Business Card
4 concepts | 2 revisions
Social Media Layouts
Facebook,Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube
2 concepts each | 2 revisions
4 concepts | 2 revisions
3 concepts | 2 revisions
2 concepts | 4 revisions
( Front & Back )
Brand Guide
12 pages | 2 revisions

The secret to our success:

Expert U.S. Designers

We don’t outsource your logo to student designers in third-world countries. Your logo is designed in-house by one of our experienced and U.S. trained designers who speaks fluent English. Our goal is not to be the cheapest and quickest, but to provide the most value by creating a strong and meaningful logo for your business that helps attract your target audience and establish credibility.

Comprehensive Design Process

We've created a proven and comprehensive process to find the best logo designs for any business. We call this our ProDesign™ process and it's the reason we can consistently find great logos for our clients.


How long will the process take?

The logo design process typically takes 2 weeks, but on some rare occasions it can take up to 4 weeks due to additional rounds of concepts and multiple revisions.

What if I don't like any of the designs?

We follow a comprehensive design process that is based on your answers to our logo design questionnaire. Our questionnaire is designed to gather important info about your business, target audience, and any specific requests related to your logo.

Our design decisions are based off your answers and our expertise on what is best for your business and target audience. When we present our concepts we'll include a short explanation of each concept. Our concepts may require further work to align with your vision. We will explore color, typography, and further design revisions once a design direction has been selected.

We do not provide refunds in the event that you are not satisfied with our designs, but we will work with you through the entire process, listen to your feedback, and make revisions to your selected logo concept.

What is a revision?

A revision is a change request to a logo design that includes altering colors, fonts, and design elements but not to the extent of creating an entirely new and fundamentally different design.

Who will design my logo?

One of our U.S. trained logo experts who is certified in logo design will be working on your logo. Your logo is not outsourced to designers in Pakistan or India. All work is completed by our experienced team of U.S. designers.

Who owns the copyright?

You will own the copyright of the finished logo after full payment has been made and we have transferred the copyright to you in writing. We reserve the right to use your logo to promote our business in our marketing, website, and advertising.

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