Get more customers by improving your online reviews.

More Good Reviews

Less Bad Reviews

Free Review AuditHow it works

We fix these review problems:

Not enough reviews

Customers don't trust your business because you only have a few reviews.

Low average rating

You have a low average rating due to a high percentage of bad reviews.

Bad reviews

Bad reviews are scaring customers away from your business.

84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

How we get you more customers:

Increase Positive Reviews

We make the review process simple and mobile-friendly to encourage more of your customers to leave positive reviews on Yelp, Google, and sites related to your industry.

Decrease Negative Reviews

Our technology defends against negative reviews by routing negative reviews to a feedback form instead of a review site.

Gather Customer Feedback

We help improve your business and customer service by gathering negative feedback and alerting your staff about customer issues.

Boost Local Search Ranking

The quantity and average rating of your reviews helps your business rank higher and standout in local search.

Respond to reviews for you

We respond to positive reviews for you and alert you of negative reviews so that you can quickly resolve issues.

Included in all plans:

Review Capture Page
A mobile-friendly page to capture reviews.
Bad Review Alerts
Get alerts about bad reviews instantly.
Social Broadcasting
Promote your 5-star reviews on Facebook.
Monthly Review Report
A monthly overview of your online reviews.
Tap & Review Cards
Customers just tap their phones to review.
Fully-Managed Service
We setup and manage everything for you.
We will save you thousands of dollars.

While we cost more than an overseas designers who will work for $10 an hour, we provide a better long-term investment for your brand. We save you money by getting your logo done right the first time by following a proven and comprehensive design process. We will always provide expert advice with your best interest put first. If you value quality and the best for your business, then we'd love to talk.

Chris Mayernik, CEO


Review Audit
We perform a comprehensive analysis of your brand’s online reputation and provide an audit in video format.
Review Audit
Local SEO Report
Purchase Audit
$695/ month
One-time Setup Fee
Fully-Managed Service
We reply to reviews for you
Review Capture Page
Social Broadcasting
Yelp & Google Page Setup
Create and fix local listings
Instant Bad Review Alerts
Tap & Review Cards ( 50 )
SMS ( 500 per month )
Email Review Invites
Review Email Signature
Embed Reviews on Website
Feedback Surveys
CRM API Integration
Monthly Review Report
Get Started
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One-time Setup Fee
$995 / location
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Common Objections

I don't need online reviews

You don't need good reviews if you don't care about losing money and customers. But we know you care. You started your business because you saw an opportunity to build something of your own -- to achieve your dreams. You need reviews. 90% of people read online reviews before making a purchase ( Bright Local, 2018 ) and 84% of people trust online reviews as much as recommendations from friends. Before you make a purchase or decide where to go, what do you do? You search. 95% of people search for local businesses online. They are comparing your business to other similar businesses on the first page of results if you are lucky enough to show up there. And who are they most likely to do business with? The business with the best reviews and the most reviews because those establish social proof. Reviews are your social proof that you will deliver on your promise of quality, service, and results. Your advertising dollars will be 10x more effective when your online reviews verify your value proposition. Your reviews are winning sales before your customers even call. Not only will you be able to win more customers with less effort, but you will be able to charge more because you are the obvious best choice in your local area.

I can do it myself

You could do it yourself if you have a few months to learn everything and an extra five hours a week to review, respond, and to report on your online reputation. There is a lot of work that goes into building out the systems to gather reviews and to continuously optimize those systems to increase the chance that your customers will write reviews. Most of our clients do not have the time and expertise to effectively manage their reviews and that is why they hired us to build a positive online reputation. We've seen clients try and do it themselves only to get busy and eventually push it off to the side. Your time is better spent doing what your best at, and we'll take care of your reviews.

I don't care about bad reviews

One or two bad reviews is not the end of your business, and in fact they make the credibility of your good reviews more believable. But if you have 20 reviews and 3 of those are bad reviews, which are often the longest in length and most detailed, then those bad reviews will have a significant influence on the buying decisions of your potential customers. On average, one bad review will cost a business thirty customers a month. And what about future employees? Candidates will think twice about accepting an offer, or even applying, to a business that has a pattern of bad reviews.

I don't want more customers

You don't want more money? More customers means more money. More money for your kids to pursue their dreams. More money for you to provide for your family. And more money for you to grow your business to the point where you can do other things you are passionate about. When you have more customers you can charge more money because there is a greater demand for your product or service. What if you could charge 20% more just because you have amazing reviews? Businesses are doing that.


What is a "Fully-Managed" service?

We manage every aspect of the review and feedback process with your customers. We reply to all good reviews and alert you of bad reviews so that you can quickly resolve issues. We'll even proofread your responses to ensure they are professional and place your business in the best light. We integrate our technology stack with your CRM system to automate the review generation process and we train your staff how to manual send out review requests from their mobile phones at the perfect time. We manage your online listings to ensure all your information is up to date. We create social media graphics for your business that highlight your best reviews and establish your authority. Each month we'll provide a report with insights on how you can improve your business and where you rank in Google local search. We are an extension of your team working with you to grow your business by helping you get more 5-star reviews.

How long does it take to see results?

You will see results in the first month once we begin our initial review outreach to your past customers. The number of reviews that you receive is dependent on how many customers you have each month. For some businesses it may take 50 review requests to receive 1 review. If you have 100 customers a week, it may take around 12 months to get 100 Reviews. Each review is extremely valuable in establishing social proof and helping you rank higher in search to receive more organic traffic. There are a few methods to increase the chance that customers will write a review and we provide video training for your staff to help you obtain more reviews. Within three months you will see an improvement to your local search ranking due to optimizing your online listings and implementing SEO friendly reviews directly on your website.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

You can cancel anytime before your next billing cycle. Please just let us know before your billing date. We provide monthly reports to prove our value and we'll be continuously working with your business to optimize the review process and get you more 5-star reviews. Our service is a long-term strategy and will work best with businesses that understand review building is continuous process that accumulates in value.

What is the Setup-Fee for?

There is a significant amount of work that needs to be done before we can even start the review generation process, and the setup fee covers the technology setup ( API, landing pages, email setup ), copywriting and graphics/videos for your review requests, and training your staff on how to increase the chance that a customer will write a review. Our system is not a turn-key solution; it involves many technologies and customizations for each business, and that is one reason we do not offer it as a self-managed service.

How do reviews help me get customers?

The amount of reviews and the quality of your reviews will affect your business's local search ranking, especially on Google Maps. By increasing the quantity and average star rating of your reviews, we will increase the amount of organic search traffic that sees your business listing and this will do two things: (1) with more traffic seeing your business there will more customers who are interested in your business, and (2) with a larger quantity of reviews and a higher rating your business will be seen more favorably, aka social proof, and this will encourage more customers to choose your business. Finally positive reviews can be used to promote your business by running targeted Facebook Ads and by implementing Google SERP friendly reviews directly on your website to improve your SEO.

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